Cheese of the Month

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How it Works

Every month the subscriber will receive two, half pound pieces of cheese from our selection - seasonal, new, limited, artisan. Along with the cheeses, another specialty item such as preserves, crackers or nuts will be included. Cheese descriptions, cheesemaker stories, and suggested pairings will also be in the box. Subscriptions can be picked up at our shop beginning the third Thursday of every month and should be picked up by that Sunday. We also ship subscriptions. (Please inquire about shipping/handling costs.) Reminder emails will be sent at the beginning of the week. If the subscriber is unavailable to pick up in this time frame, we ask that they respond to the reminder email to make other arrangements.

At the time of purchase, a gift card will be given for the receiver informing them of the gift subscription. A follow up email will be sent to out to them, welcoming them and giving them other details about the subscription.


For quality, all cheeses are cut to order. We will do our best to cut Cheese of the Month selections as accurately as possible. However, some selections may vary slightly from advertised weights.


$165 | 3 months

$300 | 6 months

Perfect Pairing Wine Club


Every month the subscriber will receive a hand selected wine. The wine will include stories about the people who make it, the pace it comes from and pairing ideas.


$75 | 3 months

$120 | 6 months