Bringing you the best in artisan cheese, wine, and fine foods.

Located in Wauwatosa Village

1430 UNDERWOOD AVE, WAUWATOSA WI | 414.488.2099

Tue-Wed 10:30-5 | Thu 10:30-6 | Fri 10:30-7 | Sat 9-5 | Sun-Mon Closed

The Village Cheese Shop is a European-inspired shop dedicated to bringing the best in cheese, wine, and specialty food to the heart of metro Milwaukee.



With an array of artisan cheeses from across the Midwest and Europe, The Village Cheese Shop has curated a divine selection of cheeses for our customers to discover and enjoy.

Stop in the shop today to try our wide variety of cheese offerings. From goat milk and sheep milk, to bloomy rind and cave-aged delicacies, we have it all.



The Village Cheese Shop offers a distinctive wine selection, curated to complement our renowned cheese and specialty food offerings. Our carefully crafted collection offers a wide range of styles, from small-producer and family-owned wineries. Sabina's decades of working in the industry brings in a first-hand experience we love to share.



Our meat selection includes a wide range of local and European meats: Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Sopressata, Iberico Ham, Chorizo, specialty meats from the Midwest including Smoking Goose and Driftless Provisions. Many meats are cut to order, some already and sold pre-wrapped.


Specialty Food

We've hand-selected an exquisite selection of specialty foods, featuring a delightful array of olives, meats, chocolates, crackers, and other perfect accompaniments for cheeses and wines. Our offerings highlight both local Wisconsin treasures and fine European imports, ensuring a gourmet experience with something for everybody. From artisanal cured meats to rich, decadent chocolates, every item is thoughtfully chosen.